The surprise was captured by ABC World News Tonight. An excerpt of the story can be read below.

Charity Helps Teens Honor Unsung Heroes in Their Lives

Students of Gustavo Herrera were up bright and early this morning, ready to show their appreciation for the Chicago after-school music teacher.

As Herrera entered a class at John Hancock College Preparatory High School, he was greeted by senior Daniel Luna, about 20 other students as well as a check for $1,000.

Luna had sent a video to the VING Project, a charity that helps teens recognize supportive people in their lives. In a 60-second video, Luna talked about Herrera, a teacher who for years has volunteered his time to teach music to students for free. Other teachers even call him a "living legend" who organizes open mic events in the neighborhood.

"I hope the money will help him be able to teach the students the way he wants ... with better instruments," Luna said in his video.

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